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While unconditional love may seem like an unattainable ideal, it does have a place in human relationships. Parents, for instance, often exhibit this type of love for their children. A parent’s love typically remains steadfast, even in the face of rebellion, mistakes, or challenges. Unconditional love is not limited to parental relationships. I learned this under conditions I could have never imagined.

Although the concept of unconditional love may not be entirely mythical, it’s essential to acknowledge that it can be challenging to sustain in its purest form in romantic relationships. Human emotions are complex. Conflicts, misunderstandings, and changing circumstances can strain even the most profound connections. Yet, striving for a love that is as unconditional as possible is a noble pursuit, fostering empathy, compassion, and resilience in our bonds with others. It can be a lifelong goal for some. I can honestly say I achieved it. It was like walking through a fire, but I got to the other side. But why?

Soulmates: Destiny or Delusion?

The idea of soulmates is another enchanting concept, suggesting that there is one person in the world who is uniquely meant for us, our perfect match in every way. But is this belief grounded in reality, or is it a romantic myth perpetuated by fiction and folklore?

The truth is that some souls, before even reaching this plane, make a pact with each other to be each other’s soulmates. You don’t know this when you’re born, of course, since we don’t hold on to memories of the spirit world, but we know this at an instinctual level. If you’ve ever had a feeling that you were on an endless quest to find that special someone, the chances are that you are searching for a soulmate.

The belief in soulmates can have a positive impact on relationships. When people feel they have found their soulmate, it can bring a sense of purpose and commitment to the relationship. The idea that you were meant to be together can serve as a powerful motivator for working through challenges and nurturing the connection. That was the case with me. The road between my soulmate and me was bumpy for a long time. When we got to a calmer time, we got the most devastating news you can get about a loved one. But, even through all the pain, my soulmate connection to my Jen helped me learn that love is always the answer… even when it’s hard, or you lose your way. You can never go wrong offering love to all the people you meet.

Unconditional love exists in various forms in our lives. In the end, these concepts may be more about how we choose to interpret and experience love and relationships than rigid definitions. Whether you’re a believer in true love without conditions or in soulmates who resonate with your heart and soul, the pursuit of such love can make our lives richer, more meaningful, and filled with deeper connections. So, whether you’re on a quest for a love that knows no bounds or seeking that special connection that feels like destiny, the key is to cherish the love you have and nurture the relationships that bring joy and fulfillment to your life.

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