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About the author

I’m Bob Possiel. If you got to know me at the gym, or at the racetrack, you’d never guess that I’ve been on a wild, inspiring spiritual journey. And you might not guess that I had a book about it in me. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that life throws some amazing things in our path. While it may not always be what we’d ask for, it is almost always what we need.

I was what most people would consider pretty successful when I met Jen (that beautiful woman pictured with me to the left). I ran a thriving business, and had been able to check off lots of bucket-list boxes by that point. (Race car owner? Check. Bodybuilding competitions? Check). I’d been married and divorced. I wasn’t particularly looking for a relationship.

But the spirit world had other plans for me. The incredible, roller coaster ride that followed after I met Jen was not always fun… but it was always deep, moving and meaningful. I’ll give you a bit of a spoiler: Jen is no longer walking among us. But you’ll find when you read Love is Always the Answer, that incredibly painful truth is really the beginning of the story.